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Survive and Grow Business Toolkit

The dynamic collection of tools, templates and resources in the Survive & Grow Resource Hub are designed to help you through different phases of business growth. Check out what’s available, if you have any questions or want to chat with a real live person, either contact the team via our online form or click on our profiles for our individual contact details.

Importing and Exporting

If your business model includes importing / exporting products then you will need to be aware of importing / exporting regulations for New Zealand. There are a number of ways we can provide assistance, from helping open doors in overseas markets to providing advice regarding documentation and certifications. There are some good starting points at www.business.govt.co.nz and some useful information and resources on the Ministry of Primary Industries website. Also, check the resources and links in the Survive & Grow Resource Hub or contact us to discuss your needs.

Move Your Business to Northland

Northland is a fantastic place to base your business. We have a lot of useful information and resources to help make the right choices for your business. To familiarise yourself with the region and current statistics take a look at our Economic Profile section and to take a deeper look at a breakdown of Northland's economy check out the Industry Sector pages.

With opportunity and interest growing in Northland all the time, we will soon make available an Investment Prospectus for the region, once published you'll be able to access it from the Survive & Grow Resource Hub. If you'd like to be notified when it's available please provide your details here.

Expertise and Mentoring

There's a great range of services available to assist as your business grows, the Regional Business Partnership Network and the Global Experts Programme are two excellent services that are geared towards connecting you with the right expertise depending on your needs. The Expertise and Mentoring section helps connect you with the best service for you.

An effective mentor can often be exactly what is required to help 'see the wood for the trees'. Working in association with Business Mentors NZ we can connect you with a mentor that best suits your stage of business. Or you may have the experience and desire to become one of the valued members of our mentor programme. Either way, you can apply for a mentor or register to become one over at the Expertise and Mentoring section.

Capability Growth

Increasing the capability within your business can be the key to a growth breakthrough but it comes with its own set of challenges and often requires investment. The Regional Business Partner (RBP) Programme, in particular the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Capability Voucher Scheme is designed to provide assistance in this area. Just follow the links here to understand more and find out if it's right for your business, or jump right in and register now and one of our team will visit you and your business.

Research, Development and Innovation

R&D is often required to answer growth questions, create efficiencies or help diversify. The Regional Business Partnership (RBP) could connect you with support for your R&D project. The Regional Research Office has also been developed as a gateway to research experts and resources that can reduce barriers and assist your R&D journey. Check out the Innovate section for more ways we can help.

Funding and Investment

Growth often means an increased investment to fund the next stage, support may be available through public channels or your business could be a good candidate to attract private investment. Either way, our Funding and Investment section has plenty of information to help.

Looking to invest? You may be looking to grow your own investment portfolio and there’s never been a better time to consider being part of the economic growth of Northland. Our Industry Sector pages give a good overview of the area and we will soon have an Investment Prospectus available, provide your details here if you'd like to be notified when it's ready. Head over to the Investment and Infrastructure section for more on regional opportunities.

Industry Alliance

Business growth can often be fuelled by what is available when you’re part of an industry group. Check out the Business Coalition Programme which has been developed to support alliances with Northland.

Maori Business

If you have Maori business interests, we have tools and resources specifically designed for your success. Visit the Maori Business Development section for more information.

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