“Whether you’re taking the first steps into your own business or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur with a new venture in mind, you’re in the right place. The information and tools here are designed to provide the best launch pad for your business start-up”.

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Start-up Toolkit

We've pulled together a whole load of start-up tools, templates and resources so check out what’s available in our Start-up Resource Hub. If you can’t find what you need or just want to speak to a real person the Business Innovation and Growth team are always available to provide one on one advice. Simply fill out our online form to get the ball rolling or click on our profiles for our individual contact details.

Start-up Café

No suit, tie or stuffy office and NOT just for start-ups. We’re regularly bringing one of our team to a café near you for a free session of listening and advice for your new business ideas or next step challenges.

Simply fill in the online booking form to book a 45 minute session at the location nearest to you and we will be in touch to arrange a time.

Expertise and Mentoring

We have a tried and tested Mentoring Programme which connects you with experienced professionals across many different business fields. Working in association with Business Mentors NZ it’s about matching you with the most appropriate mentor and making sure you’re getting the right advice for the stage you’re at.

The Business Mentors six month start-up programme is the perfect way to accelerate and test your business idea. With access to a successful business person who knows what it feels like to start a new venture backed up with the skills, knowledge and understanding of the start-up journey. You can apply for a business mentor in the Expertise and Mentoring section.

In this same section you'll find more information about advice services including the Regional Business Partnership Network and the Global Experts Programme; two additional services that are geared towards connecting you with the right expertise for your business.

Research, Development and Innovation

Sometimes your start-up will need a phase of R&D before you’re ready to get going. Check out the Regional Research Office, resources available and funding that you could be tapping into. If your new business is all about cutting edge ideas and breakthrough technology, you’ll also want to check out the information and resources on the Innovate section.

Funding and Investment

Need funding to get your big idea off the ground? Head over to the Funding & Investment section for information on being investment ready and the different channels available. Also check out the two page Investment Proposal template in the Start-up Resource Hub.

Industry Alliance

Building strength in business and extra opportunities can come from being part of a bigger group. Take a look at our Business Coalition Programme to see if there's an existing regional alliance for your industry or find out about the other possibilities available through this programme.

Exporting and Importing

Need to know the in's and out's of importing? Head over to the Survive and Grow section for guidance and resources.

Maori Business

We have support and assistance specifically for Maori business, check out the Maori Economic Development section for information and who to contact.