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Tourism statistics including the Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) and Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (spend data).

Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) February

Latest data from Statistics New Zealand shows Northland is leading the country in commercial guest night growth and that annual guest nights in the region are fast approaching the 2 million mark.

In February Northland’s commercial guest night numbers grew 10.5% with an additional 21,000 nights compared to the same month in 2016. In contrast guest nights across the country declined 0.4% on average in February, emphasising the big difference in Northland’s positive performance.

Around Northland, all districts recorded growth in commercial guest nights. Whangarei led the way with monthly growth of 23.5%, Far North with 6.8% and Kaipara with 3.1%.

Commercial guest nights for Northland now sit at 1.905 million a year – a figure which underpins the strong performance of Northland’s accommodation sector.

Total annual guest night growth for Northland is now tracking at 9.2% year on year as at February 2017, while the national average annual growth rate across all regions is 4.7%. International nights grew 6.5% for the month of February while domestic nights grew 14%.  Hotels, motels and campgrounds all recorded strong growth, while backpacker nights shrank slightly.

These results underlined Northland’s appeal to traditional long-haul international markets such as the UK, USA and Europe which perform well for New Zealand. Northland is also attracting more repeat visitors from Australia.

The results also show Auckland’s continuing population growth is having a positive downstream impact on Northland’s visitor industry, creating a larger Auckland domestic base to draw on. There is no evidence however that the recent flattening of arrivals from China was having a negative impact on Northland as it was on some other destinations. Northland has relatively lower exposure to Chinese visitors so this flattening from China means the impact is being felt less here.

View the Northland Accommodation Monitor - Feb 2017   |  Visit Statistics New Zealand

Guest Nights - February 2017
Guest Nights - February 2017

Northland tourism spend at record levels

Total visitor spend is now at the highest historical levels ever recorded in Northland.

In February 2017 visitor spend in Northland grew by 6% to total $106m for the month. Northland’s annual visitor spend growth rate has now reached 10%, and is double the national average growth rate of growth rate of 5%. Total annual visitor spend in Northland totalled $1.062b for the year ended February 2017, continuing our position as the sixth highest region in the country for visitor expenditure.

Domestic visitors spent $791m for the year to February 2017, while international visitors spent $271m. Around the districts, annual spend in Far North now totals $495m, Whangarei $453m, and Kaipara $114m.

Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates 2016

Click on the chart to launch MBIE's interactive graphics - then select Northland.
Click on the chart to launch MBIE's interactive graphics - then select Northland.

International Visitor Arrivals – Mar 2016 - Feb 2017

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