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Into the Wide Blue Yonder – byway map

Download road-based journey 'Into the Wide Blue Yonder' (Northland byway)

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The Wide Blue Yonder awaits you on this circular route along the beautiful Tutukaka Coast. Start from either Whangarei or Hikurangi, and feel the lure of the ocean as you travel towards the coast. Catch your breath as you round a corner to reveal a glimpse of turquoise. Gradually the ocean unveils herself, inviting you to look, swim, paddle and dive headfirst into a limitless expanse of blue.

But why hurry? There are so many tempting side tracks along the way. Waterfalls, rock pools, ancient kauri trees and breathtaking views are all within reach. Be spoilt for choice by quiet beaches and bays. Explore the gentle waters of Ngunguru and Tutukaka Harbour. And be sure to experience the underwater wonders of the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve.


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