Panui - ‘He Tangata, He Whenua, He Oranga’

Posted on February 01, 2015

The Tai Tokerau Iwi Chief Executives Consortium have developed the first iwi led, tikanga based growth strategy for Te Tai Tokerau Maori economy. The development strategy, He Tangata He Whenua He Oranga’, is the first to be constructed by multiple Iwi for the collective benefit of multiple Iwi. In this regard it is a seminal document intended for application at a regional scale.

The iwi entities who led the development of this kaupapa are:

As a leadership initiative, the sphere of interest is not restricted to just these iwi entities but extends to other iwi, hapu, trusts, incorporations and private enterprises that recognise the value in co-producing and pooling their influence in Taitokerau.

With Treaty settlement arrangements continuing in the short to medium term and an already significant asset base, Taitokerau Maori, through their iwi entities and asset holding companies, are uniquely positioned to leverage their influence in order to lead economic growth in the region and to provide the environment that enables whanau to create and leave legacies of inter-generational prosperity.

This strategy presents an opportunity to assume greater control and blueprints regional economic development in a culturally valid way.

Fundamentally different, ‘He Tangata, He Whenua, He Oranga’ is derived from a tikanga perspective which Maori understand is the best way to preserve the proper master/servant relationship between people and Papatuanuku/profit so that our people are not casualties of growth rather we are its impetus.