Hawaiki Cable marine survey prompts thinking

Posted on August 10, 2016

The new 14,000km Hawaiki Cable system which will come ashore at Mangawhai is now less than two years from becoming operational.

Hawaiki Cable have now taken another welcome step forward by launching a marine survey for the transpacific cable system which should prompt thinking on to how to best use it for Northland’s benefit, says Northland Inc Chief Executive David Wilson.

“It is now time to start thinking how to make best use of the vastly improved connectivity (30 terabits per second of data transmission capacity) which will be offered by this new infrastructure to Northland,” says David.

“For a start connecting Northland to the rest of New Zealand and the world by mid-2018 will attract greater digital and ICT investment in Northland.

“The cable will offer competitiveness and diversity in Northland increasing the region’s attractiveness to investors.”

The marine survey will gather geophysical and geotechnical data which is necessary to ensure the cable system is buried correctly for safety and security reasons.

“Now that Hawaiki and its connectivity contractor TE SubCom are moving into the next phase with the arrival soon of the survey ship RV Geo Resolution, it emphasises the need to consider options on maximising its benefits and rewards for Northland,” says David.

The Hawaiki cable landing in Northland strengthens Northland’s case for greater digital connectivity in central government’s Ultra-Fast broadband programme which will underpin diversified regional economic growth.