Northland Inc - April Newsletter

Posted on May 06, 2016

It has been an excellent month for Northland economic development with the welcome announcement on April 1 by Hawaiki Cable that the contract for its cable system has come into force and construction will now commence.

Having worked closely with the Hawaiki team throughout the project we are aware that they had good reasons to choose Mangawhai as the landing site, these include; increased security of supply, being well removed from New Zealand’s existing submarine cables, access to multiple existing land-based data transfer networks; and the availability of ‘green’ power for future developments. The Hawaiki Cable project also strengthens Northland’s case for greater broadband capacity in the second phase of central government’s Ultra-Fast broadband programme. In this month’s viewpoint I discuss the long-term benefits we expect the cable to provide Northland.

In late March the Northland Inc staff made a site visit to Northport to see what CEO Jon Moore and his busy team have been doing. It helped us gain an insight of their plans for the future of the port as they look to contributing more to the Northland economy.

There were a number of topics up for discussion not the least of which centred around hosting and berthing cruise ships. While interesting, the notion of doing such will take a lot of planning by multiple parties before it can be seriously considered. Meanwhile the ‘Future Ports Study’ has released a shortlist of possible sites for expansion that do not include Northport. For more on this read here.

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David Wilson, CEO, Northland Inc
Northland's Regional Economic Development Agency