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A rich Maori Cultural experience like no other, Paddle a traditional Maori Waka or learn traditional navigation techniques right in the middle of a beautifully constructed Maori Star compass on sacred land. Experience Maori customs and traditions.

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Aurere Waka and Navigation Tours offers a 3 day tour in the beautiful scenic town of Taipa in the far north of New Zealand. During the tour you will enjoy meals prepared by our local people. Engage and participate in some of our most traditional Maori arts with the experts in carving and weaving. An exclusive tour of our sacred land Te Aurere, not accessible to the general public. An area of scenic land which boasts a huge traditional star compass made up of 32 intricately carved pillar to represent 32 different sections of the sky and a private beach. Participate in paddling a traditional Maori Waka down the sacred stream of along the banks of Aurere. Experience our culture and hospitality first hand; you won't be disappointed.

Additional Information
Proximity to airport: 25 km to Kaitaia Airport
Proximity to town: All transport is provided from Auckland to Northland return
Proximity to coach/bus: All transport is provided from Auckland to Northland return
Parking: 1
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Physical Address
​State Highway 10 Taipa RD3 ​Kaitaia 0483 Northland New Zealand,
Taipa, Kaitaia,

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