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Kayaking in the Bay of Islands

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You’ve heard of our wonderful Kiwi Culture, now it’s time to experience it! This 12 day tour for LGBTQ travellers immerses you in everything that makes us Kiwis! Join us with other LGBTQ travellers and become a Kiwi for a while.

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New Zealand Awaits is New Zealand's tour operator for LGBTQ travellers. You’ll get off the beaten tourist track, spend time with some of our favourite Kiwis, and explore a truly diverse range of experiences that we’re proud to say makes us Kiwis: learning Maori traditions and legends, savouring locally produced food and wine, sailing and swimming the local waters, dining with Kiwi farmers, viewing active geysers, meeting a real live kiwi (bird), exploring museums and galleries, and playing with some LGBTQ locals. All this, in the company of other LGBTQ travellers.

Physical Address
697 Tainui Road,
Hamilton - Waikato
New Zealand

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