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Kayaking in the Bay of Islands

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A local history museum, situated in the heart of Russell, featuring unique and noteworthy exhibitions, revisiting Russells’ Hell Hole of the Pacific days, through to today’s relaxed coastal village. A significant record of New Zealand history.

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This unique historical museum records the earliest years of Maori and European contact in the Bay of Islands. Artefacts of interest include: Ipipiri (map of Eastern Bay of Islands) with original Maori place-names, 1/5 scale model of Cook’s Endeavour, whaling implements, and American author Zane Grey’s fishing souvenirs. A brief (12min) video outlining the history of the town plays continuously. The Museum’s gift shop specialises in New Zealand souvenirs and has a comprehensive selection of Northland books. Russell’s heritage, maritime and cemetery trail brochures are available.

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