Waitangi Treaty Grounds

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Waitangi Treaty Grounds

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Waitangi Treaty Grounds - Our nation’s birthplace

The nation we know today as Aotearoa New Zealand was born at Waitangi. This is our country’s single most important historical site – an essential destination for any visitor to New Zealand.

It’s an extraordinary feeling to stand at the very spot where the Treaty of Waitangi, our founding document, was signed by Māori chiefs and the British Crown on 6 February 1840.  There’s plenty to discover and experience at this remarkable place.

Te Whare Rūnanga (the House of Assembly) is the incredible meeting house which features beautiful and intricate carving, inside and out.

The waka house is home to the world’s largest war canoe, known as Ngātokimatawhaorua. This impressive vessel requires a crew of 76 to sail it.

The Museum of Waitangi is a state-of-the-art permanent exhibition where past and present meet. Here you can experience Ko Waitangi Tenei: This is Waitangi, which tells the story of Waitangi through multi-media displays and extraordinary taonga, or cultural treasures.

To help you make the most of your visit, you can also choose an all-inclusive Waitangi Day-Pass. Explore the Waitangi Treaty Grounds by day and enjoy a hangi and concert in the evening.

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Tau Henare Drive,
Waitangi, Bay of Islands, Northland

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