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Known as the 'birthplace of the nation', Taitokerau Northland is rich in history and culture and features a diverse and buoyant economy. For investors, it also offers a wide variety of opportunities to build on the region's strengths and create new and sustainable value from its plentiful resources.

At the northern-most tip of Aotearoa New Zealand, our region boasts some of the country’s most valuable natural assets which include our subtropical climate, fertile land and some of the world’s most beautiful coastline.

Although underpinned by primary production and manufacturing, Taitokerau Northland's economy is diverse. High-performing sectors include pastoral farming and processing, horticulture, tourism, and marine manufacturing. There is huge untapped potential to further strengthen these areas, in addition to other emerging industries.

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Geographic Profile

Taitokerau Northland covers 13,780 square kilometres, extending from the Kaipara and Mangawhai Harbours in the south to Cape Reinga in the North. There are 10 harbours, 3,200 kilometres of coastline and the region is less than 100km wide at its widest point. The region is governed at a local level by three district councils, together with the Northland Regional Council.

Far North
The Far North is a world class tourist destination, with a wide offering of cultural and nature-based experiences. A vibrant tourism industry is complemented by strengths in agriculture and horticulture- particularly avocados and citrus orchards.

Whangārei is the largest district of Taitokerau Northland in terms of population and is home to Aotearoa New Zealand’s northernmost city. Often referred to as the economic hub of the north, Whangārei is home to Northport, the country’s closest port to international markets and has a well-established manufacturing sector.

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Kaipara falls predominantly on Taitokerau Northland’s west coast and is a land of rolling farmlands, fringed with spectacular bays and beaches. The agricultural sector is dominant here with dairy, meat production and kumara production all featuring heavily.

Crane loading ship at Northport

In Taitokerau Northland

In recent times, primarily through the Provincial Growth Fund, Taitokerau Northland experienced a large amount of investment from central government into a range of infrastructure projects that will help to lift the productivity of key sectors and improve connectivity to the region.

Sights are firmly set on capitalising on these investments and maximising the economic potential of all productive industries in the region. Timing has never been better to invest in Taitokerau Northland, with an absolute dedication from Northland Inc to harness the potential of this beautiful region and deliver prosperity to all who live and invest here.

THE Landing Pad
A programme to support investors 

The Landing Pad is a Northland Inc initiative that has been designed to strengthen and better support direct investment into the region, its businesses and associated growth opportunities.

It is a no-cost service that is run by Northland Inc, where developers, investors and businesses are provided with a central point of contact at Northland Inc. From here we assist them through their investment journey and facilitate access to varying types of support and networks.

The key features of the landing pad programme are:

  • Providing an ‘Embassy’ service for investors looking at opportunities in Taitokerau Northland, including profiling of investment opportunities
  • Connection with existing businesses/opportunities who have recently relocated/invested in Taitokerau Northland
  • Access to local networks and connections including central and local government agencies, key decision makers, connections to funding and workforce guidance
  • Delivering personalised support and access, including things such as:
    • Introductions to Taitokerau Northland investment opportunities for investors
    • Tours of the location of interest and assistance with site selection
    • Help navigating what council permissions might be required for your business to operate
    • Identification of areas that your business can relocate to that are complementary with other local businesses

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Infometrics & Industry Data

If you need to know how the Taitokerau Northland economy and its various sectors are performing in order to make business or investment decisions, you can find the information you need on our Insights page.

Alternatively, get in touch with Northland Inc’s Investment Facilitator to see if they can provide more detailed data and insights relevant to your query/focus area.

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