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Investment & Growth Reserve

Northland Inc administers the Investment & Growth Reserve on behalf of the Northland Regional Council.

The types of funding available through the Investment & Growth Reserve can be categorised into two key areas; Enabling Investment, and Business Case Assessment. Scroll down to see if you qualify.

The key objective of the Investment & Growth Reserve is to provide a fund that enables Northland Regional Council to make strategic investments into projects/initiatives that will lift the long-term growth of the Northland Economy.

Funds from the IGR are invested into projects within Northland that will increase:

  • Jobs in Northland

  • The average weekly household income of Northlanders

  • The GDP of Northland

Types of Funding Available

→  Enabling Investment - The purpose of this category is to provide funding for projects that lift the economic performance of Northland through the construction of public or community held infrastructure that underpins economic growth or the development of regionally strategic sectors.

→  Business Case Assessment - The purpose of this category is to provide funding support to evaluate and assess the viability of potential projects that will contribute toward economic growth within the region so as to make them investment ready.

Contact our Investment & Infrastructure Team

If you have a project that might qualify for funding from these categories or you need assistance with finding investment.

Other Funding Avenues to Explore

  • Crowdfunding

    63In a nutshell, crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people (the 'crowd') typically online. Globally we are seeing more and more ventures being funded via crowdfunding.

    There are three types of crowdfunding in New Zealand:

    • Social crowdfundingsupporters of your project/venture receive rewards or simply make donations.

    • Debt crowdfunding -  also known as peer-to-peer lending where supporters loan their money and receive interest on their loans.

    • Equity crowdfunding -   Funds are from both entry level investors to experienced investors who receive shares in that business. 

    Here are some New Zealand-based crowdfunding platforms which are open platforms and sector focused platforms:

    PledgeMe   Boosted  Snowball Effect  


  • Banks & Lending Institutions

    pexels photo 261625Banks and lending institutions have been the traditional go-to solution for first round capital raising or seed funding for new ventures. Each lender will have their own attitude and risk assessments for loans so it's important for you (and them) to really understand what you are seeking funding for, how much you need, what you'll be able to service, and how much it will cost the business over the length of the loan.

    Although a loan can be a risk for your business, sometimes it’s one worth taking. Using a loan for the right reasons, at the right time, can take your business to the next level.

    Typical areas that need business loans include:

    Expansion plans Getting a second site or enlarging the space you currently operate from.
    New equipment or inventory Improving equipment can lead to increased production and return to the business. Also the securing of bulk inventory can lead to cost savings and resulting margins on each unit produced.  
    Realise a new opportunity We don't always have cash on hand when a great opportunity comes along like a new joint venture, a new market opens up, or you have an 'aha' moment and can see a new way of doing something faster, smarter or better but need a capital injection to get it off the ground.
    Employ staff Taking the step to recruit new staff can pay off in a number of ways. It can free up your time to pursue new customer acquisitions, tender for more projects, or increase production or sales. A logical appointment, i.e. someone who is worth the time to train, should provide value and a return on your investment.
    Increase Cash-flow This is a short-term fix for situations like seasonal trading, or to compensate for early stage delays in revenue from contract terms when outgoings are high.  Most businesses experience peaks and troughs in their cash-flow so this can help even them out till you can trade with cash reserves to be self-sustaining.

     Tips on things to think about before you apply for a loan:

    • Security - do you need to go personal guarantor, or do you have business assets that you can use as collateral? 
    • Track record - have you banked with them before, what is your credit history like, etc.? Have you repaid any previous business loans or do you already have one?
    • Interest rates and terms - make sure you know how much it will cost you. Is the interest calculated on the balance and can you pay lump sum payments to reduce the cost overruns of the loan?
    • Hidden fees - are there any establishment fees, early repayment fees or monthly account charges. These all add up over the term of the loan.
    • The process - understanding the process and timeframes is key; if you are seeking funds for a opportunity you will want to know the bank's position as early as possible.

    Borrowing / lending is a two way street, so it's important to have all your numbers, planning and investment plan in place. Knowing whether you need the money all at once is also key - a staggered loan with key metrics to work towards before drawing down further funds reduces the risk to the lender.

    Have a 'Plan B' just in case 'Plan A' doesn't work.

    Most banks and lending institutions have great templates and resources with checklists of information you need to provide. However if you'd like help to make sure you're putting your best foot forward then get in touch with us for some independent advice, guidance or funding support for your capital raising proposal.

  • Investor Networks

    Angel Logo shadow MediumWe actively work with The Angel Association New Zealand with the collective aim of increasing the quantity, quality and success of angel investments in New Zealand, and in doing so creating a greater pool of capital for innovative startup companies.

    We encourage collaboration across the innovation eco-system in New Zealand and offshore to promote the best available prospects for entrepreneurs to grow internationally competitive businesses.

    If you’d like to find out more, get in touch.

    Learn more about The Angel Association New Zealand    ✉ Get in touch with out Business Investment Advisor  

  • Innovation (R&D) Grants

    pexels photo 212286Northland Inc works in partnership with Callaghan Innovation to connect innovative Northland businesses to a range of services designed to grow and improve their business processes. This may include specific workshops and programmes, access to experts, networking groups and research facilities. Many of these services are subsidised or have funding opportunities attached. 

    Callaghan Innovation grants and funding are not issued retrospectively, so if you are considering a Callaghan service, get in touch with Northland Inc at the outset.

    Learn more  Get in touch

  • Capability Development Vouchers

    pexels photo 401683Northland Inc is part of the nationwide Regional Business Partner Network, which includes New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and Callaghan Innovation.

    The Capability Development Vouchers can be put towards a wide range of business training including business planning, marketing, finance, business systems, staff management, governance, sustainability, lean business, business operations and export development.

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