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Forestry and Wood Processing

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Northland's significant and diverse natural advantages support a number of opportunities across key industry sectors.

Northland's significant and diverse natural advantages support a number of opportunities across key industry sectors, including tourism (increasing international and domestic visitor numbers), marine, forestry and wood processing, agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and honey, and Māori land productivity through forestry, wood processing, honey, mānuka and horticulture


​With a subtropical climate Northland provides a competitive advantage for its agricultural sector, which includes diary, beef, sheep and deer. Read more about the Agriculture industry in Northland...


​Aquaculture is the cultivation of seafood in a managed environment. There is an increasing worldwide demand with decreasing wild stocks and Northland has an ideal onshore...[read more]

Digital & Infrastructure

Whangarei was the first district in New Zealand to receive a completed Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) network in May 2014. There is a collective desire to increase digital capability...[read more]


A lot of schools in Northland take advantage of the warm climate and accessibility to a variety of outdoor pursuits, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.

Forestry & Wood Processing

Along with many processing plants, Northport is New Zealand’s second largest export facility for forest products. This is a mature industry with strategic advantages well placed for further growth in the region.


Services are well spread with the main hospital in Whangarei and peripheral hospitals in Kaitaia, Kawakawa, Hokianga and Dargaville. The region is also serviced by 41 general practices and 8 Maori health providers.


​Northland’s subtropical climate and wide diversity of soil result in a huge selection of crops thriving in the area. The largest crop is Kiwifruit with around 3.6 million trays of green and gold Kiwifruit grown annually.


​The manufacturing sector plays an important role in Northland’s economic position, contributing the most of any sector in the region. Critical to the region’s primary industries, turning products into manufactured goods.

Marine Engineering

Across Northland there are hundreds of marine related businesses, a wide variety of skilled labour and additional land available for new business development.

Mining & Minerals

​There is a relatively diverse and successful history of mining in Northland. Currently the industry is dominated by limestone, high quality china clay, aggregate and sand.


The region is brimming with stunning natural scenery and with 3,200 km's of beautiful coastline it has a reputation for incredible boating, fishing and diving. The Bay of Islands is one of New Zealand’s largest international tourism brands, and has solid infrastructure servicing strong visitor numbers year on year.