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Aquaculture is the cultivation of seafood in a managed environment. There is an increasing worldwide demand with decreasing wild stocks and Northland has an ideal onshore and sea environment for aquaculture development.

The industry focuses in four main areas;
- the emerging Kingfish farming potential
- Oyster farming
- Paua (or Abalone) farming
- Greenshell Mussel farming

Northland is home to NIWA’s world-leading fisheries and aquaculture research centre, its base at Bream Bay is home to dedicated facilities and New Zealand’s largest team of aquaculture specialists. The centre supports a growing industry throughout New Zealand and this is also where NIWA has developed the world’s first on-land Kingfish farm.

With a mature oyster industry, New Zealand’s largest Paua farm and further growth also proposed for Mussel farming in Northland, the potential is enormous for this burgeoning sector.