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Northland is making major initiatives with Digital / Technology and Infrastructure to enable business and industry to thrive.

The emerging digital sector in Northland presents plenty of future opportunity. Whangarei was the first district in New Zealand to receive a completed Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) network in May 2014.

There is a collective desire to increase digital capability across Northland and with support from local and central government, the region’s business and communities are working together to take advantage of new broadband infrastructure.

Northland Inc is developing a Northland Digital Strategy which has a vision of Northland in 2025 being digitally connected, using globally competitive digital technologies by a digitally literate workforce. There is a great opportunity to get on at the ’ground floor’ with Northland’s digital journey and be part of a very bright future.

From Tech sector to Digital Nation

This report provides comprehensive analysis of the impact of the Tech Sector and Technology on the New Zealand economy and how creating a digital nation is having a positive effect on the country. In 2015 New Zealand had 28,749 Tech Sector firms who contributed 8% of GDP or a value of $16.2b. Listed as the third largest export sector it exported $6.3b worth of goods and services or 9% of exports.

In 2015 Northland’s Tech Sector GDP amounted to $191mwith exports registered at $96m and employed 1,285 people. Last year Northland increased its Tech Sector growth by 0.6% from a calculated 4% rise in sector productivity and recorded a total sector Labour income at $108m

Read the full report here

All about Government Investment in ultra-fast broadband

The Government is making a $2 billion investment on behalf of all New Zealanders to provide faster and better internet to connect families and communities. The Ultra Fast Broadband Initiative (UFB) and the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) will open up a huge range of business, educational, community and other opportunities.

The Minister of Communications put out a call to all councils seeking their views on priority areas and how they would support better broadband in their community. The information received from local authorities and communities will be an important part of deciding the amount, type and location of infrastructure to be built.

We need your help to gather stories about how better access to the internet will benefit the people of Northland. You can read more about the plans for Northland in the Registration Response Form submitted in the previous discussion round.

Digital Enablement Plan for Northland

As part of the government’s call for registrations of interest for its rollout of digital infrastructure improvements, Northland Inc (on behalf of the Councils of Northland) prepared the Digital Enablement Plan for Northland.

This plan maps out how Northland can achieve better social and economic outcomes using digital technologies. We live in a time of change; one in which so much more is possible for diverse regions such as ours. Northland’s communities are poised to take advantage of these new opportunities.

The Digital Enablement Plan for Northland: