Forestry & Wood Processing

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Forestry and Wood Processing

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Boasting a strong forestry and wood processing industry, Northland predominantly grows Radiata Pine. The wood produced here has a reputation for being amongst the highest density wood in New Zealand. The density is mainly due to the warmer climate, allowing the trees to grow consistently year round.

The industry also enjoys a steady availability of labour in both harvesting and processing with several processing plants in the area.

Radiata pine is a general-purpose wood, suitable for a wide range of end uses from structural to visual grade. Northland has one of the largest uncommitted pine resources available for processing. This includes logging, saw-milling, wood-chipping, veneer and plywood manufacture. Globally there are shortages of pine projected.

Along with many processing plants, Northport is New Zealand’s second largest export facility for forest products. This is a mature industry with strategic advantages well placed for further growth in the region.