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Northland’s subtropical climate and wide diversity of soil result in a huge selection of crops thriving in the area. The largest crop is Kiwifruit with around 3.6 million trays of green and gold Kiwifruit grown annually.

Citrus are very successful, with Mandarin, Lemons and Navel Oranges being most popular. Blueberries are a new but rapidly growing crop and the Far North has become well recognised as one of the prime subtropical growing areas for avocados in the world.

With over 40 vineyards, Northland has a reputation for producing award winning wines and increasing demand promises further growth in this industry. Also consistently receiving accolades on the world stage is the high quality olive oil. Northland is the largest area in New Zealand for Kumara (or Sweet Potato), producing red, orange and gold Kumara the commercial industry is well developed.

Most recently, excitement is growing for the potential in Apiculture, specifically in producing Manuka Honey. The valuable UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) is well-known for providing health benefits and with vast areas of Manuka forests, Northland honey is proven to have the highest UMF activity in New Zealand.