Sector Overview

Taitokerau Northland is innovating in the Digital, Technology and Infrastructure space, supporting the business community and enabling industry to thrive.

Whangārei was the first city in Aotearoa New Zealand to be fully connected to fibre under central government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative.  As at February 2023, it is estimated that 55.7% of Northlanders now have fibre installed. Further, Northland has 96% cellular service with 100% being proposed by One NZ (via Starlink Satellites) by the end of 2024.

Additionally, the Hawaiki Cable, which landed in Taitokerau Northland in 2018, creates an attractive investment opportunity to develop international data processing centres for Australia, Asia and the United States, and further develop the region’s digital economy.

With support from local and central government, the region’s businesses and communities are working together to make the most of new broadband infrastructure. On the whole, the emerging digital sector in Taitokerau Northland presents opportunities now and for the future and there is a collective desire to continue to increase digital capability across the region.

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Industry Resources & Support

Far North District Council Nothing but Net

The ‘Nothing But Net’ strategy and action plan is a 3-and-a-half-year plan that will be used to support the Far North District’s digital future by directly addressing the digital divide.

Nothing But Net