Sector Overview

Taitokerau Northland’s subtropical climate and wide diversity of soils see a large variety of horticultural and fruit-growing endeavours thriving in the region. Horticulture and fruit growing accounted for 12.5% of the overall value of Taitokerau Northland’s exports in 2022.

Taitokerau Northland's largest fruit crop is kiwifruit, and the GDP that it generates for the Taitokerau Northland economy has almost doubled in the last five years to 2022. Citrus, predominantly mandarins, lemons and naval oranges, are popular in the middle of the Far North District and there has been large investments made recently into avocado trees in the Far North.

Raspberries and blueberries are a relatively new but rapidly growing fruit crop and the region is also starting to explore tropical fruit growing as the climate allows for this. Taitokerau Northland is currently home to the only commercial pineapple and coffee growers in Aotearoa New Zealand and boasts a range of successful banana plantations.

With the 2023 opening of the Ngawha Innovation & Enterprise Park in Kaikohe, the region is looking to grow the manufacturing and processing component related to this sector.

If you are interested in discussing investment opportunities in the horticulture space in Northland, contact our Investment Team.

Regional Projects

20220329 Peanut Trials Web 0022

Peanut Trials

This project is a practical exploration into the commercial viability of growing hi-oleic peanuts in Northland.

Peanut Trials
NINC Ngawha Progress FB Post Web 007

Ngawha Innovation & Enterprise Park

A first of its kind Innovation and Enterprise Hub being built on a 240 ha site on the outskirts of Kaikohe.

Ngawha Innovation & Enterprise Park
Water demonstration sites

Kaipara Kai

Northland Inc is involved in a variety of mahi as part of the Kaipara Kai programme which is led by Kaipara District Council.

Kaipara Kai


Regional Growth Opportunities Web graphic

Regional Growth Opportunities In Employment in the Food and Beverage Industry

This research report was produced by Coriolis to identify potential employment growth opportunities in the food and beverage manufacturing and processing sectors in Northland.

Current Future Crop Sustainability in the Kaipara District Web Graphic

Current & Future Crop Suitability in the Kaipara District

A Topo-Climate Study for six key crops - avocado, sorghum, olives, peanuts, soybeans and hops/hemp/CBD (Cannabidiol Cannabis) - in the Kaipara District.

Water demonstration sites

Future Climate of Kaipara - Plant & Food Supplementary Research Information

An assessment by Plant and Food Research about potential crop suitability for the future climate in Kaipara, specifically for the 2050s.