Our Objectives

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Northland is one of the most prosperous regions in New Zealand

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Northland is one of the most prosperous regions in New Zealand delivering employment and business opportunities for locals in a fair and equitable society and a healthy and productive environment.


To strengthen, diversify and grow the Northland economy.


Northland Inc aims to provide vision, aspiration, leadership and unity-of-purpose in sustainable economic development for Northland through all its communications and stakeholder engagement. Northland Inc will work with key industry sectors in Northland to address market failures, facilitate value-added activities and value chain improvements, increase exports, and provide business, job and investment opportunities.

With an experienced and talented team brimming with enthusiasm for Northland and its economic growth potential, we tap into local and central government resources and funding to enable these priorities. We connect people and businesses across the region and nationally to strengthen opportunities for growth. We facilitate investment in research, development and innovation and we connect potential investors with real investment opportunities.

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