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There are four work programmes that provide the basis for Northland Inc achieving its objectives.

Business Innovation & Growth

Whether you are creating your very first company or you’re an experienced entrepreneur there is plenty of support available to assist your success. With online resources, opportunities for training, tapping into advice from experienced professionals and connecting industry leaders, Northland Inc can provide important stepping stones for all types of business ventures. Read about the services we provide

Business Innovation & Growth team

Joseph Stuart General Manager, Business Innovation & Growth
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Joseph Stuart

Joseph oversees the Business Development Strategy for Northland Inc that incorporates the Regional Business Partnership with NZTE and Callaghan Innovation. His specialist areas are high value manufacturing and growth, capital raising, exporting and technology innovation.

Contact details:
Phone+64 9 438 2842
Mobile+64 21 977 706
David Templeton Business Growth Manager
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David Templeton

David works with Northland businesses facilitating access to support available from within the region and from central government, as part of the Regional Business Partnership with NZTE and Callaghan Innovation. David’s specialists areas are early stage growth, food and wine and business sustainability.

Contact details:
Phone+64 9 438 7545
Mobile+64 27 248 2164
Jiveen MacGillivray Growth Advisor
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Jiveen MacGillivray

Jiveen is a Growth Advisor, working with Northland business owners and managers to grow their businesses, often involving export, technology or R&D projects. Jiveen’s specialist areas are high growth sectors including advanced manufacturing, chemical, healthcare, life science products, digital, media, cyber and technology services.

Contact details:
Phone09 430 2175
Mobile027 203 5870
Pete Gleeson Business Growth Advisor - Investment
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Pete Gleeson

Pete works here at Northland Inc and at the Whangarei District Council with businesses across Northland that are looking for investors to take their company to the next level. He also facilitates business relocations to the region and is key in connecting local and international investors with strategic investment opportunities. Pete’s specialist area is building relationships between the appropriate parties to facilitate direct investment.

Contact details:
Phone+64 9 438 5110
Mobile+64 27 465 5273

Investment and Infrastructure

Sights are set firmly on maximizing the economic potential of all productive industries in the region and Northland extends a warm welcome to individual and company investment with a lot on offer. Timing has never been better to invest in Northland, with an absolute dedication from the Northland Regional Council to harness the potential of this beautiful region and deliver prosperity to all that choose to call Northland home. Read about the services we provide

Investment and Infrastructure

Vaughan Cooper General Manager, Investment & Infrastructure
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Vaughan Cooper

Vaughan is responsible for facilitating investment proposals through the Investment and Growth Reserve and supporting key infrastructure projects that benefit the region.

Contact details:
Phone+64 9 438 9175
Mobile+64 27 470 1051
Codie McIntyre Business Analyst
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Codie McIntyre

As Business Analyst at Northland Inc, Codie is responsible for supporting the development of robust business and investment plans for the economic development of Northland.

Contact details:
Phone+64 9 459 7671
Mobile+64 27 202 7987
Luke Beehre Project Manager - Extension 350
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Luke Beehre

Luke is responsible for ensuring the 350 Extension initiative is well lead & executed on behalf of MPI, NRC, Dairy NZ, Beef+Lamb and Northland Inc. His specialist areas include agricultural project management, finance & farming.

Contact details:
Mobile+64 27 544 7839

Maori Economic Development

George Riley General Manager, Maori Economic Development
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George Riley

George's role reinforces an improved focus on growing the Northland Maori economy with a view to generating sustainable employment and increased prosperity. He works alongside of the Business Innovation and Growth team to deliver support to Maori enterprises available from within the region and from central government, as part of the Regional Business Partnership with NZTE and Callaghan Innovation.

Contact details:
Phone+64 9 438 6092
Mobile+64 27 245 2001

Māori Economic Development

Growth for the Māori economy in Northland means growth for all of Northland. Of course, all business services provided by Northland Inc are available to Māori, but within the team we have experience and knowledge of approaches which better serve Māori. It’s the combination of new commercial thinking and a true understanding of a Māori culture that is ready for growth and prosperity that will lead the change. Read about the services we provide.

Regional Promotions & Tourism

Tourism is one of Northland Inc’s priority industry sectors. The Northland Desk coordinates industry activity focused on media and trade opportunities, including Tourism New Zealand activity within Northland. Read about the services we provide.

Regional Promotions & Tourism

Paul Davis General Manager, Regional Promotions & Tourism
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Paul Davis

Responsible for leading Northland Inc's Regional Promotions and Tourism Team programme, Paul ensures that Northland is promoted on a national and international scale.

Contact details:
Phone+64 9 438 3651
Mobile+64 22 060 7571
Karly Bent Tourism Trade Manager
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Karly Bent

Karly is responsible for managing the Northland Tourism desk, which key function is dealing with media, trade, conference, content and event opportunities and also responding to general enquiries about tourism in the region.

Contact details:
Phone+64 438 5110
Mobile+64 27 807 0771
Sarah Yeates Channel Manager - Digital
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Sarah Yeates

Sarah manages Northland Inc's digital channels as well as photoshoots and image requests.

Contact details:
Phone+64 9 438 4307
Mobile+64 27 555 3287
Maria Low Content and Communications Manager
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Maria Low

Maria manages the public relations and communications for Northland Inc, including production of content for external communications and programme delivery across all media channels.

Contact details:
Mobile+64 278 360 556