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As New Zealand’s only subtropical region, Northland’s climate offers a key competitive advantage for its agricultural sector, which includes dairy, beef and sheep farming.

The mild climate and reliable rainfall create ideal conditions for fast pasture growth, giving Northland producers the ability to fatten stock during the warmer winter and spring months. These unique factors have seen Northland’s agricultural sector double productivity in the last 15 years.

Beef farming is important to this sector, and Northland is responsible for producing around 20 percent of New Zealand’s beef output. Northland boasts two modern processing plants with impressive facilities and output, as well as the biggest blast freezer in the Southern Hemisphere. Dairy herds in Northland enjoy a mostly natural grass-fed diet, with a continued supply throughout the winter months when many others around the country are drying off their herds.

Fonterra’s Kauri site in Northland was established in 1989 and produces about 116,000 tonnes of skim milk, whole milk and nutritional powders, speciality butters and anhydrous milk fats (AMF) each year.


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Extension 350

An innovative programme designed to lift the profitability, environmental sustainability, on-farm performance and wellbeing of Northland farms through a farmer led mentoring and extension programme.

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Agriculture & Farming

Fast Facts

→ Northland boasts two modern meat processing plants
→ The biggest blast freezer in the Southern Hemisphere is in Northland.
→ Northland produces around 20% of New Zealand’s beef output.
→ Northland produces 116,000 tonnes of dairy products p.a from Fonterra - Kauri.

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