Expertise and Mentoring

"The right expert or mentor beside you can deliver huge value no matter the stage of your business growth".

Global Experts

The nature of your business may require advice and guidance from experts from around the world. The Global Expert programme can help you find the expertise you’re looking for, whether it’s a technical specialist, a supplier of particular products of equipment or connecting with potential commercial partners. This programme is specifically designed with a global focus from marketing intelligence to regulatory compliance, get in touch so we can connect you with the right experts.

Research and Development Assistance

If you’re looking at undertaking some R&D within your business, you could find the Regional Research Office has the connections you need to fast track your project, head over to the Innovate section for more.

Regional Business Partnership (RBP) Network

The RBP is designed to make it easier for businesses to access early-stage support to innovate and grow. The national network is made up of 14 regional business partner and is supported by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and Callaghan Innovation, the crown entity tasked with advancing the commercialisation of innovation by companies in New Zealand. The Regional Business Partnership network has specialist advisors who can provide information, advice and connections to any business seeking support for their growth journey.

The NZTE Capability Development Vouchers are designed specifically to help you access expert coaching or training in a number key areas including business planning, finance, capital raising and marketing. To find out more about this and other funding schemes available, check out the Funding and Investment section.

To self register with the Regional Business Partner Network click here.

If you're an experienced business owner or service provider who can deliver training and coaching to assist New Zealand businesses grow. Head over to the RBP website for Service Providers and find out more about becoming registered with the Network.

Get a Mentor

Whether you’re just beginning in your first start-up or you have years of experience running your own business, an effective mentor can really support your journey. Our Business Mentoring Programme is designed to consider the stage you’re at, your industry and what you’re looking to achieve from the relationship. We’ll help connect you with an experienced professional who will assist you in accomplishing your business goals.

A Mentor can offer:

For start-up businesses there is an one off fee of $300+GST for accessing the 6-month programme.

For established business owners there is an annual fee of $225+GST for accessing the 12-month programme.

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Become a Mentor

We are currently seeking experienced, successful professionals to join our mentoring team. Being a mentor provides a challenge for successful business owners to share their skills and help others succeed. We invite mentors with various areas of expertise and look to match you with entrepreneurs who require the advice and guidance you can confidently provide.

To be considered for our Business Mentor Programme you will require:

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