Regional Research Project - 3D Printing

Northland Inc in collaboration with NorthTec are wanting to have a conversation with Northland businesses who are using or contemplating using 3D printing technology.

We are are inviting businesses to be part of our investigation into how this emerging technology could impact our economy. The sort of information we are looking to collect from local businesses is;

After collating and assessing the information we receive we will be in a position to identify gaps and opportunities around 3D printing in Northland. We will investigate options for delivery of 3D printing both directly and indirectly to companies taking into account capital investment, skills and capability, access and affordability.

If you want to help us shape the future of 3D printing in Northland please fill out the form below and we will be in contact to hear your thoughts, ideas and aspirations.

Local business using 3D printing

One Northland company using the technology is Kaipara – based SaltRiver Industries who are developing a new format waterjet system for the jet boats they manufacture and have found 3D-printing an essential part of their development.

“It has proved to be an effective communication tool that allows others to quickly understand and participate in the design process,” says SaltRiver Industries’ Richard Reynolds.

“As we move into the prototype manufacture phase, we are using 3D-printing to reduce the cost associated with traditional foundry tooling, however computer aided design (CAD) skills are required to do anything meaningful with 3D-printing.

“Companies like ‘Precision 3D-Printing’ are a great resource until volumes dictate having a 3D printer in house.”

Channel North Interview with Northland Inc GM Joseph Stuart and Northtec Student Saransh Saxena

Copy of the Media Release for this project