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Tourism statistics including the Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) and Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (spend data).

Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) - March 2017

Latest data from Statistics New Zealand highlights a pattern where the timing of Easter holidays impacts on commercial guest nights in Northland.

Commercial accommodation guest nights have moved around markedly over the past three years - in 2015 Easter fell in April; in 2016 it fell in March; then this year it went back to April.

The Easter holidays of Aucklanders have mirrored this pattern. Domestic guest nights for Northland in March 2016 were up on 2015 by 30.2%, and the data released for March 2017 shows domestic guest nights dropped back again by 22.5% over 2016.  Auckland is the largest source of visitors for Northland and a key driver of this change.
After April 2017 data is available, the combined two month March/April period will show whether there has been a total increase in guest nights for 2017 over 2016.  International nights for Northland continued to grow, increasing by 5.1% in March 2017, so it is likely we will see an overall growth pattern for year ended April.

Please note: CAM data is released six weeks after the end of the month, while spend data is released approximately three weeks after the end of the month. This month the different data release dates combined with changing Easter dates gives a complex picture. Release dates of the two data sets never completely line up.

View the Northland Accommodation Monitor - March 2017   |  Visit Statistics New Zealand

Guest Nights - March 2017
Guest Nights - March 2017

Northland tourism spend

Total visitor spend in Northland still going strong.

Visitor spend grew 19% for the April month as the effects of Easter 2017 were accounted for.

Spend for the year ended April 2017 is now at 9% year on year (YOY), and continues to be well above the national average growth rate of 5%.

Annual spend by international visitors now totals $280m annually, and domestic tourism accounts for $794m.

Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates 2017

Click on the chart to launch MBIE's interactive graphics - then select Northland.
Click on the chart to launch MBIE's interactive graphics - then select Northland.

International Visitor Arrivals – May 2016 - Apr 2017

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