Startup Mentoring

With experience in business a Mentor can bring an outside perspective to your business proposal. 

A mentor is not going to write your business plan, or validate your idea; and nor do they necessarily have the magic answers. What they will do however is steer you in the right direction to get the answers you need, and help you identify gaps that need addressing. Your mentor will challenge your thinking and test your theories, while supporting your decision-making. 

A mentor will ask you the hard questions that friends and family may not want to.
Do I need a Mentor?

Benefits of Startup Mentoring

→ Validate your business idea
→ Identify personal and financial risks
→ Build a robust Business Plan that has a clear way forward
→ Share frustrations and wins with someone who understands
→ Gain a sharper focus on what is needed to grow professionally

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What you need to know

  • What stage can I get a mentor?

    If you have a new business idea or are looking for help in starting a new business, you may be eligible for six months of accelerated mentoring assistance. It is helpful to have your business idea mapped out as much as possible on paper. This way you get the most out of your mentoring time. Our team can help you with this, or try downloading the planning for success workbook as a starting point.

  • How are mentors matched?

    Your mentor will be matched to your individual business circumstances and requirements by a Mentor Manager. Business mentors are not always matched based upon industry.  A mentor who has had experience in a business start-up environment will help you clarify what needs to be actioned in order to start your business, act as a sounding board, and give the support you need in the creation of your business plan. 

  • Finding the right mentor

    Every business and owner are unique as are their propositions. The qualities that help a successful mentor and mentee relationship are; good listening skills, good communication and someone who is passionate about their business and eager to put some energy into it. 

  • How long do I have a mentor for?

    The startup mentoring program is available for a maximum of six months. Once you are up and running you may then apply for the 12-month mentoring programme for established businesses.

  • How often will I meet with my mentor?

    During your first meeting your mentor will outline the programme and agree the approach and milestones with you to build your business plan. Meeting frequencies and formats will be agreed between you so that your action steps can be supported and you have access to your sounding board when you need it. You may have a mixture of in-person, phone, email and video calls with your mentor. The support is fully tailored to your individual needs and agreed to by both parties.

  • Is there a cost?

    The Startup Mentoring Programme has a one-off $300 plus GST registration fee. After registration, the mentoring is free for up to 12 months and is volunteered by your experienced Business Mentor. 

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