Business Mentoring

Sometimes we find ourselves working in our business for months or even years without taking time to step back and think about how we might do things better, faster or cheaper. This can lead to missed opportunities or stagnation where we aren’t sure how to find the time or resources to grow.

A business mentor can help unlock the potential of your business. Your mentor will provide you with independent, objective advice that may challenge you to go further, set new business goals, and achieve better results. They will also help you find the discipline to really work on your business, without distractions.


A mentor will push you to explore the future of your business but also help create the steps to get there.
push your business to the next level

Why use a business mentor?

→ Strategically help you plan your business journey
→ Challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone
→ Support the implementation of upskilling staff
→ Explore options and get guidance on business challenges
→ Identify risks and opportunities and how to manage them
→ Facilitate growth by sharing resources and networks

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What you need to know

  • What will the mentor do?

    Mentoring is tailored to suit individual needs; just like a business, there is no one-size-fits-all. In general terms, your mentor will work with you to conduct a confidential business assessment and define your mentoring requirements and objectives. Using this initial assessment you and your mentor will develop an agreed action plan, and work out how to implement the plan.

  • How long do I have a Mentor for?

    Your registration with Business Mentors entitles you to mentoring for up to 12 months. The term of your relationship with a mentor depends on your agreed goals and objectives. You can use one or more different mentors during the 12 months to assist you to meet different business challenges at different times. You can also re-register for the service after the 12 months are up.

  • How often do I meet my Mentor?

    During your first or second meeting you and your mentor will usually set and agree goals or objectives. You will agree how often to meet and the format of your meetings to best support your action steps, and give you access to your sounding board when you need it.

  • Finding the right Mentor

    Every mentor and mentee relationship requires trust and understanding - after all, every business, business owner, and proposition is unique. The qualities that help a successful mentor and mentee relationship are good listening skills, good communication and someone who is passionate about their business and eager to put some energy into it. 

    Your Mentor Manager will try to match you with the most appropriate mentor, however if this relationship doesn't feel right after your first or second meeting you are able to request a rematch with no additional costs. You may also find that as you work with your mentor the skills, knowledge and support they bring comes to a natural conclusion before the 12 months has ended. You are able to request a new match to introduce a new set of views, skills and knowledge to continue on from the work you have already done.

    In most cases we match you with a mentor close to your business so you can meet face to face, however in some circumstances where a specific sets of skills, expertise or knowledge is required we can reach out to the Auckland or wider National network to get the right mentor for you. If you are matched with a mentor out of the Northland region you will need to work with them on how best to deliver the mentoring service that suits both of you.

  • What is the cost?

    A small one-off registration fee of $295 + GST provides up to 12-months access to a Business Mentor. For more information or to register for a mentor visit

About Business Mentors

business mentors logoBusiness Mentors New Zealand is an independent not-for-profit organisation founded in 1991 by business people, for business people. Our organisation and its heavily subsidised service is made possible by support from New Zealand Business and Government Agencies.  Our national network of agencies is closely aligned with the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Regional Business Partnership Programme.

Business Mentors New Zealand is committed to helping small business owners, startup entrepreneurs and social enterprise decision-makers succeed.  Our mentoring service introduces small business owners and social enterprise executive officers to skilled Business Mentors who will assist them to advance their business capability, capacity and sustainability by sharing their knowledge and experience.

A small one-off registration fee of $295 + GST provides up to 12-months access to a Business Mentor.

For more information or to register for a mentor visit

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