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Kerikeri Basin, Stone Store & Mission House

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Urban, rural or coastal. Detached, attached or apartment. Colonial, modern or minimalist, bungalow, brick and tile, villa or good solid weatherboard…All are within your reach when it comes to choosing to buy or rent.

Our real estate is affordable for most people with our housing prices sitting below the New Zealand average and you can buy a lot of home for your dollar. Most housing options are also available as rental or lease properties.

Family Friendly

In the urban areas of Northland, our suburbs are low density housing with plenty of green spaces. The high density housing estates of the northern hemisphere simply don’t exist here. Both rural and urban properties are likely to have a private outdoor space – one that will be large enough for your kids to plan in, for your garden to grow and for your barbeque… a quintessential part of life in Northland.

Close to the Coast

You will find secluded, serene bush (forest) areas and rural communities, or spectacular coastal communities where kids can grow up with the feel of grass or sand under their feet. Nowhere in Northland is more than 40km from a coast.


Given our proximity to Auckland, more and more people are choosing the option of living in Northland to make the most of our lifestyle while commuting and securing the higher income potential of a large city.

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