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Some of you will be making a big journey from overseas, others will be from the colder parts of New Zealand….all of you will be looking for something better.

The easiest way to get to Northland is in the air and on the road. Most people do the first leg by plane and the next by road. We’re a developed nation with all the infrastructure and services you’d expect.

We have airports at Whangarei, Kerikeri and Kaitaia with daily flights to and from the Auckland Airport. Whangarei is approximately two hours by road from Auckland.

We’re also keen to help you get here. We’ve got people to help you with the red tape, and we’ve got people to help you with the logistics. We’ve got jobs, we’ve got housing, we’ve got moving trucks, we’ve got settlement advice.


These immigration consultants may be able to assist if you are considering moving to Northland, and also fill in a few gaps around the practicalities and legalities.

Actually doing it

We’re guessing you’re going to need to find someone who can help move your stuff, check out the following directory for a tidy list of companies that might be able to help.

Yellow pages - Furniture Removal & Packers

Settling in

This page contains information about resources and services which helps new migrants settle into the local community. The biggest challenge can be knowing where to find all the information to get settled. Basic everyday issues such as rental accommodation, schools, childcare, the tax system and health services can be surprisingly difficult to find and to understand when you are a newcomer.

Whangarei Settlement Support