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At first glance, Northland might look sleepy and quiet, but scratch the surface and you’ll find a whole lot of living going on.


We’re at the top of New Zealand, the closest region to the equator. Come here and you’ll find the warmest climate in the country. Okay, yes it rains sometimes, but you get that in a sub-tropical climate, and that rain helps beautiful things grow. We don’t do snow or sub-zero temperatures.

A land of firsts

Northland is the first region of New Zealand, the first place in this young country to be settled. In 1840 we were the first to create a historic partnership between our two peoples, Maori and Pakeha. But we didn’t stop there. Today we continue to be First – in our business opportunities, our balanced lifestyles and our strong sense of community.


A couple of hours’ drive from New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, which is known as the commercial centre of our nation. That means we’ve got their massive population on our doorstep. We do business with them, sell stuff to them and use their international infrastructure. We get to go to all their big concerts, exhibitions and events, we shop in their malls and eat at their restaurants – and there are quite a few worth visiting.


But here’s the best part of the deal - we live year-round in the region where the rest of New Zealand takes their holidays! Northlanders get the better deal! No traffic jams and hour-long commutes to work everyday.

No matter where you go in Northland, you’re never more than 40 kilometres from the coast. On that coast, you’ll see the most sublime variety of gorgeous beaches, coves and harbours that can be found on the planet.

We have a small population so if space is what you’re after – we’ve got plenty of that. But, again, if you find you’re craving the masses and need to jostle with the crowd, or need access to the commercial centre of NZ and the gateway to the world, well, Auckland is only a short drive away.


There’s something else that’s special about Northland. Something intangible, that the people who are lucky enough to visit or live here occasionally mention. A feeling of belonging, with the land and the sea. A connection, to the environment and the people that surround us. A sense of place.

Indeed, many who visit choose to return, bringing their families, their skills and trades, and their businesses with them.

We welcome you to Northland, New Zealand’s First Land

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