Northland Inc and NorthTec to work on shared objectives

NorthTec and Northland have signed an agreement to work together on shared objectives.

A Northland School of Business and Talent Management Office supporting work experience opportunities and employment outcomes are just two of the initiatives planned under the Statement of Shared Objectives.

The bilateral agreement between Northland’s leading tertiary provider and the region’s economic development agency was signed at NorthTec by Northland Inc chief executive officer David Wilson, NorthTec Chief Executive Mark Ewen, outgoing Northland Inc Board Chair Karleen Everitt, and NorthTec Council Deputy Chair Jane Hindle.

The agreement centres on opportunities for Northland Inc and NorthTec to work together to improve education, business capability and employment opportunities across Northland, and strengthen relationships with industry, Maori and other key stakeholders.

Increasing skills and capability in Northland through fit for purpose education and training and building strong relationships are enabler projects on the Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan.

“The signing signals the start of a closer working relationship between Northland Inc and NorthTec and will bring together economic development plans with education and skills development,” said Dr Wilson.

“Economic development and talent development are totally inter-dependent; one cannot work without the other. NorthTec will play a critical role in the development of Northland talent to fill jobs in the region,” he said.

Dr Ewen said the shared objectives in the agreement, including several in the area of business development, would be more easily reached through collaboration and working together cohesively.

“Both NorthTec and Northland Inc want to see Tai Tokerau grow and develop, for the benefit of all of us who live and work here,” he said.

The Northland School of Business, supported by both parties, would provide a centre of excellence offering relevant qualifications to learners in Tai Tokerau and create the potential for further relationships region-wide.

The Statement of Shared Objectives between Northland Inc and NorthTec will expire December 31, 2020.

Image: The signatories to the Statement of Shared Objectives between Northland Inc and NorthTec, from left, Northland Inc Chief Executive Officer David Wilson, Northland Inc Board Chair Karleen Everitt, NorthTec Council Deputy Chair Jane Hindle, and NorthTec Chief Executive Mark Ewen.

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