Murray Reade

Chief Executive Officer

Murray studied Business Administration at the University of Auckland, and graduated from the Royal Navy Engineering College in Plymouth, England, with a Certificate in Marine Engineering.

Following a successful career in the New Zealand Defence Force, Reade was also a key part of the leadership team at Eden Park, the country’s biggest sports stadium, and a former CEO of the Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum in Auckland. He was most recently CEO of the Lion Foundation, also in Auckland.

Reade is Ngāpuhi/Ngāti Pāoa and has spent much of his life in the Far North, with his hapū from Rawhiti in the Bay of Islands.

“The region is home and I am committed to working closely with Northland communities and its people to improve social and economic conditions for the area,” he said. 

“This is an opportunity to realise a personal and professional aspiration to serve a region that I’m deeply passionate about.” 



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