Northland Global Citizens

In Northland we know how important is that all students gain the knowledge, skills and capabilities they need to live, work and learn globally.

Across this region our young people are engaged in learning skills that will help them 

• Broaden perspectives about themselves and the world around them.
• Learn and respect differences and believe a diverse world is a stronger and more interesting place.
• Communicate and collaborate across cultures in a sensitive and mindful way.
• Appreciate other cultures and encourage others to be open to new ideas, attitudes, and traditions.
• Build critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Image below courtesy of Education New Zealand

Global Language

Language and Cultural Learning

In Northland, New Zealand we value language and cultural learning.

Languages link people locally and globally. They are spoken in the community, used internationally, and play a role in shaping the world.

Asian Language Learning in Schools

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