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Te Whiringa o Manoko (The interweaving of the cultures of Kerikeri)

© Chris Booth, Environmental Sculptor

The natural beauty, isolation, strong cultural tradition and diversity of this vast region are factors which foster a rich creative environment for people working in various fields of the art sector.

Art of Northland
Art of Northland

Galleries, Museums and Art Trails lead you on a journey of discovery filled with artistic treasures, many influenced by a strong cultural thread and enhanced by the extraordinary landscapes. We have galleries and exhibitions across the region, those tucked away up long roads trailing through beautiful remote countryside and forest where you will meet and shake the hand of the artists themselves, to cool, urban galleries in the main centres.

Craftsman jeweller
Craftsman jeweller

Importantly, Northland’s strong Maori cultural heritage is intrinsic to its artistic identity and appeal. The arts are the manifestation of Northland’s strong cultural dynamism, which is fresh and forward-looking while being steeped in tradition.

From an expansive collection of community arts organisations to internationally recognised artists, the choice is extensive, dynamic and diverse, and we’re quietly proud of our artists who capture a little, or a lot, of Northland in their creations and take it to the world.

A geographical spread of arts and artists over the entire region hosts a remarkable array of arts activities with festivals, events and performances happening throughout the year and offering an opportunity to enjoy the best of our artists, artisans, actors, dancers and musicians.

For lovers of art and culture Northland is the perfect destination as we are one of New Zealand’s most creative regions and boasts one of the highest ratio of artists per capita. There is a wide range gift shops and souvenirs unique to Northland throughout the region.

Creative Northland

Creative Northland has an ongoing commitment to making sure that the arts sector in Northland is dynamic, thriving, influential and productive.

The organisation is mandated to develop Regional Arts across Northland, funded by the Whangarei District Council and the Northland Regional Council.

Their Creative Northland team are working to inspire art across the region through creative facilitation, artistic projects and advocacy, touring opportunities, education and specialised resources. Our aspiration is we develop and sustain creative communities and artistic practice all over Tai Tokerau.

They aim to make Northland a lifestyle choice for new business and families working in partnership with every level of local and central government and private sector.

Their journey is to foster contemporary and innovative regional cultural practice.

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