Northland's Byways

Journey to ‘Where Giants Gather’, ‘Into the Wide Blue Yonder’, and ‘The Ancient Kauri Trail’ – the first three in a series of Northland road-based journeys known as Byways.

The 'Ancient Kauri Trail' 

From the wild, untamed West Coast, to the peaceful shelter of the kauri forests, prepare to be awed by a journey of dramatic contrasts. 

Follow the road through the Kumara Capital, and feel the sea spray on your skin as you reach the ruggedly beautiful West Coast beaches. Further north, the ancient living forests wrap their deep green embrace around you. These mighty trees have supported lives and livelihoods for centuries. But despite their immense size and strength, these giants are also fragile. Humans have harvested their precious timber and gum over the centuries, and have now come to protect these great guardians of the forest...

Download: Ancient Kauri Trail Map – from Maungaturoto to Omapere

'Where Giants Gather' 

Journey through a grand landscape where giants surround you. Giants of geology, nature and history are gathered here, like the majestic creatures that inspired the name: Whangarei-te-rerenga-paraoa (the gathering place of whales). 

Take the meandering road from Northland’s largest city, all the way to the coast and the boundless Pacific Ocean beyond. Follow the great mass of water that ebbs and flows through the towering Whangarei Heads. Walk in the footsteps of those who carved history out of this colossal landscape, and create lasting memories of your own as you journey Where Giants Gather...

Download: Where Giants Gather Map – from Whangarei Town Basin to Whangarei Heads

'Into the Wide Blue Yonder'

The Wide Blue Yonder awaits you on this circular route along the beautiful Tutukaka Coast. Start from either Whangarei or Hikurangi, and feel the lure of the ocean as you travel towards the coast. 

Catch your breath as you round a corner to reveal a glimpse of turquoise. Gradually the ocean unveils herself, inviting you to look, swim, paddle and dive headfirst into a limitless expanse of blue...

Download: Into the Wide Blue Yonder Map – from Whangarei Falls to Tutukaka and on to Hikurangi