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Twin Coast Cycle Trail

The Twin Coast Cycle Trail - Pou Herenga Tai 'One of New Zealand's Great Rides'

Cycle Coast to Coast - the Twin Coast Cycle Trail - Pou Herenga Tai travels from the famously beautiful Bay of Islands to the remote and picturesque Hokianga Harbour, or vice versa. Due to its sub-tropical climate - it can be ridden all year round - hence the name “winterless north”.

The trail is 87 km and is divided into four sections and can be ridden in either direction.  The central point is Kaikoke and from there the trail descends to the East and the West coasts. The trail goes through diverse and stunning scenery with magnificent views, native bush, suspension bridges, waterfalls, beautiful streams, lakes, estuaries, harbours, boardwalks, disused train corridors and tunnels.  It also takes you on a fascinating journey through some of New Zealand’s earliest Maori and European settlements. Story boards along the way bring to life the history and stories of the local people. Visit the Far North to discover the birthplace of the nation.

The bike ride is suitable for most riders as it is generally flat with gentle climbs - most of it being easy to intermediate, with a few harder hills. The surface is fairly good and can be ridden all year round.  Some cyclists do the trail in a day, others take 2 days, some spread it over a few days and take in all the surrounding areas have on offer as well.

New Zealand’s top cycle touring gurus say Northland’s bike trails are among the best in the country.

Brothers Jonathan, Paul and Simon Kennett have published Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails, a guide to Kiwi cycling holidays.

It describes all the official cycle trails as well as the brothers' own favourite routes, found after a nationwide search for quiet roads and tracks suitable for leisurely riding and rediscovering heartland New Zealand.

Four of the book's 46 routes are in Northland - the Far North Cycleway, the Kauri Coast, the Twin Coast Cycle Trail and the Kaipara Missing Link.

Jonathan Kennett said the guidebook was made for people who wanted to experience the real New Zealand. "This book will inspire even the most hardened couch potato to get on their bike. Cycling holidays offer a healthy and fun alternative from the stress and strains of modern living: Fresh air, sunshine, astounding views, friendly people and an awe-inspiring country." There was no need to go to Central Otago for an enjoyable cycling holiday, he said.

Source: The Northern Advocate

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