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AAI pinThis Northland Journey celebrates the world-famous Bay of Islands (Ipipiri), with more than 140 islands to choose from.

Discover islands rich in history,culture and natural beauty. Large and small islands, rocky and sandy islands. Strap on a mask and explore magnificent underwater islands, reefs and wrecks. Other places like the historic Waitangi Treaty Grounds, the quaint Russell township and remote Cape Brett have a distinct island-feel.

Another great joy of visiting islands is that getting there can be a lot of fun too. There are so many options to reach an island including tour cruise, ferry, private boat, kayak, sail, row, paddle... or even swim. 

Whether it’s an island of fun and adventure or an island of peaceful relaxation, it’s out there waiting for you.

Welcome to the Northland Journey - All About Islands.

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With over 140 islands to choose from in the Bay of Islands, this Northland Journey is All About Islands.

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