Travel Tips

Tip #1

Treat all Marae as private property. Never enter a Marae unless you are invited or are on a guided tour. Shoes sit in front of the door to the wharenui (meeting house).

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Tip #2

Ease aches and pains with a dip in Ngawha Springs geothermal hot pools. It’s therapeutic, and the locals love it! Sit in the Doctor or Bulldog.

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Tip #3

When entering the secret world of glow worms.

Tip #3

Try to choose a glow worm cave with a fascinating history such as The Kawiti Caves. The caves were discovered in the 1600s by a Māori woman who was fleeing her tribe.

Tip #4

Wear socks when walking on the hot sand so your feet don’t get sizzled!

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Tip #5

There are some big gaps between petrol stations so keep an eye on your fuel gauge before setting off, especially when heading off the beaten track.

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Tip #6

One way bridges are common.

Tip #6

Be ready to give way at one-way bridges as there are many in Northland. Also, if you are driving a rental vehicle, remember to check whether you are insured when driving on unsealed roads.

Tip #7


Tip #7

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) are widely and can also be used for over-the-counter cash advances at banks and from ATMs (but be aware transactions incur charges). Diners Club and American Express cards are not as widely accepted.

Tip #8

To haggle or not?

Tip #8

Haggling and bargaining isn't traditionally part of commercial culture in New Zealand. The only circumstances where it may be accepted is at markets or during a private deal (such as the purchase of a car). Tipping is optional.

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