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Subtropical Northland, where the sun shines brightly, and the water is warmer. We don’t do sub-zero temperatures or snow!

During the summer

New Zealanders and international visitors alike flock to this magical unspoiled paradise. Don't forget your 'togs, bathers, swimmers, boardies or cossies'.

The arrival of autumn

Glorious days out in the bay are still to be enjoyed, although evening approaches a little earlier and can get a little cooler. Great season for walking and hiking as it's not so hot.

As a winter destination

You almost feel as if you have the region to yourself as the summer holidays makers depart, and it’s much warmer than the rest of the country. Leave the thermals at home!

Spring arrives early in Northland.

Okay, yes it rains sometimes, but you get that in a subtropical climate, and that’s what keeps our countryside so fresh and green.

Average temperatures

Summer (December to February) 24°C high, 14°C low
Autumn (March to May) 21°C high, 11°C low
Winter (June to August) 16°C high, 7°C low
Spring (September to November) 19°C high, 10°C low

Weather Cams

Paihia Cam: Credit to www.snapithd.com and www.doubtlessbayvillas.co.nz

Pukenui Cam: Credit to www.snapithd.com and www.pukenuilodge.co.nz

Russell Cam: Credit to www.snapithd.com and www.boiholidays.co.nz

Northland's Climate