Where Giants Gather

Whangārei Town Basin to Whangārei Heads

WGGThe peak of Mt Parihaka offers panoramic views of Whangārei, Northland’s largest city. Far below, the bustling, vibrant Town Basin Marina hugs the mouth of the Hatea River.

A drive through Onerahi and out to Whangārei Heads will take you through a grand landscape of the giants of geology, nature and history. Marine life is abundant in the bountiful waters of Whangārei Harbour, where dolphin and orca visit occasionally.

Passing seaside villages, memorials, viewing spots and signs of early settlement, this journey leads to Mt Manaia, a dramatic rock and bush clad tower steeped in Māori history and rising 460 metres above the harbour entrance. The road ends at the beautiful white sands and dunes of Ocean Beach and the powerful expanse of the Pacific.

Welcome to the majestic Northland Journey – Where Giants Gather.

Northland Journeys

Where Giants Gather

Whangarei Town Basin to Whangarei Heads

Journey through a grand landscape where giants surround you. Giants of geology, nature and history are gathered here, like the majestic creatures that inspired the name: Whangarei-te-rerenga-paraoa (the gathering place of whales).

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