We welcome you to Taitokerau Northland.


Here you will find resources, tools, and inspiration for travel trade and tourism industry professionals to help tell our story, and to sell Taitokerau Northland, an unmissable sub-tropical destination, to the world.

We work with local businesses including tourism operators, the hospitality industry, accommodation providers, retailers, and service sectors to promote Taitokerau Northland as a destination offering visitors uniquely memorable experiences.

We have a number of resources available to assist with itinerary building, creating Taitokerau Northland promotional materials, and keeping up to date with the latest news and product updates.

Taitokerau Northland has always attracted New Zealand holidaymakers because of pristine white sandy beaches, maritime sports, and a relaxed pace, and quite frankly our summers last a little longer. International visitors are drawn to our authentic Māori culture, natural wonders, and stories about our dual heritage and people (Māori and Pākehā).

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