Northland’s food and beverage is a true reflection of our environment and people...

Warm, inviting, vibrant and memorable. It is home to some of the country’s most valuable natural assets, a subtropical climate, fertile land and one of the most stunning coastlines in the World. Legend says that it’s a land of firsts, being discovered over 1000 years ago by ocean voyager Kupe who was guided by the stars, ocean and birds to arrive here.

 With a rich Māori history it is now home to diverse people sharing many different cultures from across the globe. The mild climate, natural beauty and wide open spaces are among so many reasons for living here. The laid-back vibe is undeniable but make no mistake, the rivers of creativity, passion and innovation run deep here, and this becomes more obvious the deeper you delve into culinary experiences in Northland.

A Northland Flavour Celebration


Winter 2020

For two weeks this winter cafes, restaurants, and wineries took part in FEAST 2020 and served up their version of Northland on a plate. Thoughtfully curated dishes brimming with locally sourced ingredients, artisan products and flavour pairings designed to connect you with our bountiful region. Although this local flavour celebration is now finished, for a limited time you can still view the interactive map below to see almost 50 venues that took part and use it to plan your own foodie trip around the North!

FEAST 2020 Winning Recipes

Check out these Northland inspired cooking competitions, we have the winning recipes available for you to try at home.


 Savour!NORTHLAND is the online source for all things food & beverage in Te Tai Tokerau, Northland. A collective of growers, producers, chefs and food lovers, and a place to connect people with the bounty from this beautiful place.

 Be social and follow the journey wherever you are as we share the best eating and drinking experiences from around the region. We’ll tell you what’s on, what’s hot and where to experience it. We share stories from the people and communities at the heart of culinary Northland and we also LOVE to share your foodie snaps so tag us: #savournorthland

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Market Culture

The best way to experience authentic Northland is to visit one of our many markets.

In a land of many firsts, the Whangārei Growers Market is the country’s longest running traditional growers market where everything is sold directly by it’s grower or maker. This, among many other market experiences will have your taste buds tingling and your imagination running wild with foodie inspiration!

Discover Markets

Northland is fast becoming known for its bold and unique flavour profiles.

The regional cuisine is varied and abundant. Highlights include plenty of fresh Kaimoana (seafood), avocados, olives, macadamia nuts, citrus and the range of sub-tropical fruits is growing all the time.

In addition Northland is home to award-winning cheese, chilli sauce, gourmet preservatives and very high quality honey.

It's the birthplace of New Zealand wine and the unique environment here delivers flavour profiles you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Craft beer and boutique spirit producers are also making waves.

Because of its mild climate, stunning scenery and easy access to vast and contrasting coastlines, the North has attracted lifestyle lovers for many years. It is the people that bring Northland’s food and beverage to life. The volume of flavour and freshness that you taste in food from this region tells the story of its passionate growers and artisan makers who pour their heart and soul into their products.

Northland’s food is more than just a taste, it is an experience… it’s devouring the freshest scallops with sand between your toes and belly laughs with friends. It’s marveling at historic tales told while wandering amongst vines bursting with fruit and savouring the sunset in a glass. It’s the warm sparkling eyes and weathered working hands of a market stall holder sharing their bounty and favourite recipes for simple flavours.

We encourage you not to just taste Northland, but to Savour!NORTHLAND.

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