Capturing the Attention of Global Markets  

Aqua Mould Systems is a business on the cusp of global recognition.

Combining the grit and determination of founder Shaun Gregory with good old Kiwi ingenuity, Aqua Mould Systems is bringing innovative solutions to the oyster farming industry and capturing the attention of global markets along the way.    

“I don't know if you know Al Brown, he took all of last year's stock. We've got numerous restaurants just singing out for them, so we've got plenty of people keen for this year's lot. We're sending some over to New York as well.” 


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The Qyster logo is moulded into the pod and the shell of the Qyster grows around the logo creating a brand in each Qyster.

Matt explains to Northland Inc Growth Advisor Prue how they process the timber for their products.

Matt and Prue inside a local Whangārei business - Narrative - where Matt created a custom shelving solution.

Shaun Gregory knows the value of hard work. Having left school at 15, Shaun got stuck into oyster farming in Northland, working his way from the bottom up. Growing his knowledge of how traditional farming systems work, and didn’t work, Shaun realised there must be a better way to farm that wasn’t dictated by the tides, which were often seeing him heading to work at 3am. 

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The floating pods form the new oyster farming system developed by Aqua Mould Systems.


Utilising his 25+ years’ of experience in aquaculture, commercial fishing, and oyster farming, Shaun set out to innovate the oyster farming industry nearly 14 years ago. In the years since, Aqua Mould Systems NZ Ltd has snowballed into multiple companies, worldwide patents, and is building momentum in revolutionising the international oyster farming industry. 

The floating pods form the new oyster farming system developed by Aqua Mould Systems.


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The automated automated wash plant on the barge sets 112 brushes to work to clean the recesses removing any over-catch, barnacles or fouling that could disrupt the shape of the oyster.


Shaun took the opportunity to get involved in The Pick 2017, taking his idea around automating the oyster industry and desire to enable farmers to brand their product on a global scale through The Pick programme, and presenting it to the panel of judges. 

As they grow the automated wash plant sets 112 brushes to work to clean the recesses removing any over-catch, barnacles or fouling that could disrupt the shape of the oyster.

Unsurprisingly, Aquamould took away the Innovation Award, however the benefits of the programme have been much longer-lasting. 

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Shaun Gregory, founder and director of Aqua Mould Systems.

“Two of the judges on the panel are now my shareholders. It was through them that I got my business advisor, who was the founding CEO of Moana Fisheries. They also put me in touch with a great accountant, which has been huge. So, it was very beneficial for me from a networking point of view.” 

Following the The Pick programme and with the support of Northland Inc’s Callaghan Innovation Navigator, Shaun was able to access a research and development project grant during 2018. This was followed up with a second project grant in 2020, supporting Shaun in supercharging the innovation in Aquamould Systems from ideas into reality. 

“December 2022 was our first time I could actually invoice someone and have some money coming in, so it’s been a journey.”  

Shaun’s drive sees him continue to innovate across his products, looking at how he can minimize risk and increase revenue streams. 

Regular catchups with Northland Inc’s Callaghan Customer Navigator, Andrea Primrose-Netzler, ensure Shaun has the information and guidance to access Callaghan Innovation funding.  

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Andrea Primrose-Netzler, Northland Inc Growth Advisor.

Andrea says: “Shaun is a great example of Northland businesses thriving with the support of Callaghan Innovation grants. It doesn’t matter where you are in the region, Callaghan Innovation is keen to support Northland businesses in their innovation journey, and companies like Aqua Mould Systems have been able to access funding multiple times during their journey. I can’t wait to see Shaun take Aqua Mould Systems and his Northland ingenuity worldwide!”  


“It’s important getting the right team around you because you can’t do this on your own – it’s not a one-man band thing.” 


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