Extension 350 Farmer Interviews

E350 extended support during Covid-19 lockdown for farmers to learn from farmers by using digital technology. Engaging farmers and farm consultants to share with other farmers, the process of making change in their business.

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  • Thoughts from Lachie McLean

    Lachie McLean shares his thoughts on the positive change to his farming business after 3 years in the Extension 350 programme. Tafi Manjala who has been the consultant and facilitator for Lachie's team also contributes his perspective on Lachie's journey of change.

  • Thoughts from Hamish and Kiri Finlayson

    Hamish and Kiri Finlayson are near the end of their three year journey with Extension 350, accompanied by their mentor farmer Des Going. They share there thoughts on dealing with succession, environmental planning and farmer wellbeing.

  • Thoughts from John and Sarah Hammond

    John and Sarah are beef farmers at Herekino where drought has compromised their stock water supply with consequences to profitability and wellbeing. They have had the support of their mentor farmers Don and Linda Lujnevich through their E350 journey. The share their views on how farmers work together to address challenges.

  • Thoughts from Don and Kirsten Watson

    Don and Kirsten Watson, share what's on their minds as dairy farmers at South Head dealing with the 2019/20 Northland drought. They reflect on the challenges of balancing physical demands of feeding their cows while protecting their budget in this season and the next, plus the benefits of E350 to business and personal wellbeing. 

  • Thoughts from Kim Robinson

    Kim Robinson shares her thoughts on how E350 has contributed to improving farmer wellbeing for farmers engaged in the project.

  • Thoughts from Tafi Manjala

    Tafi Manjala shares his thoughts on how E350 has contributed to improving farm profitability for farmers engaged in the project.

  • Thoughts from Trevor Cook

    Trevor Cook shares his thoughts on how E350 has contributed to improving environmental sustainability for farmers engaged in the project.

  • Thoughts from George and Peggy Morrison

    Peggy and George share what's on their mind as farmers dealing with serious stock water supply issues in the Northland drought and reflect on being mentors for a fellow beef farmer in the Far North. Their positivity and ability to cope reflects their approach to staying well.

  • Thoughts from Shane and Jenny Hood

    Shane and Jenny share what’s on their mind while dealing with the physical and financial challenges of Northland’s prolonged drought on their cattle and sheep finishing business. As relative newcomers to Extension 350, they are working hard to introduce new disciplines to growing and harvesting feed which are being challenged by the markets, drought and Covid19 response. Shane and Jenny are positive about their farming future and enjoying the support of their consultant, mentors, banker, family and wider rural network.

  • Thoughts from Will and Marianne Tye

    Will and Marianne Tye, dairy farmers at Awanui, share what's on their mind as Northland farmers deal with the most severe drought in decades. Northland stock feed and water supplies are seriously compromised. Most of the North Island is also in drought which limits the availability of feed from other regions. At the same time New Zealand is in lock down for Covid19 control. This is impacting almost all aspects of peoples lives. There are anticipated economic and social implications for New Zealand as global trade is severely disrupted and key markets for the primary sector are disrupted.

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